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The englishtalk wiki is currently open to all-comers for use as a style guide, quick reference guide and more. If you are interested in using the locked project wiki for coordinating projects, please do not hesitate to ask.

To visit the englishtalk core website click here


englishtalk pages

The englishtalk style guide: standard practice, guidelines, hows and how-not-to's

Glossaries, vocab, useful links: list of reference websites

englishtalk treasure trove: advertising insights, copywriting resources, interesting websites, language 'tidbits', etc

New to englishtalk? englishtalk is a Stuttgart-based specialist in advertising adaptation and English copywriting. To find out more, visit our core website here

Some other "Copywriting" services: englishtalk's editing services - copyediting and proofreading explained in detail.

Project and client pages (password access required)

englishtalk clients benefit from their own wiki detailing "approved" company terms, slogans, style guides and more. If you are interested in hearing more about how englishtalk's unique (and free!) wiki service could help your company speak to its customers with one voice, do ask.


Basic editing tips: a basic run-down on how to change words on sheets such as the project page below

Terms and conditions

Please note that unauthorised visitors must not edit pages. Abuse will result in immediate removal of content. englishtalk reserves the right to block users permanently without prior notice. Every endeavour is made to protect the rights of users and companies. More: Disclaimer

Terms and conditions (German AGBs) relating to project work with englishtalk GbR can be viewed and downloaded on our fileshare page.

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