Clients and quotes

We know an agency is only as good as its recent projects, but we prefer to be modest about the campaigns we’ve worked on. Bragging gets you nowhere. In any case, we also have to respect the confidentiality of our many clients.

We can, however, provide a small impression of the names on our client list,
and the brands we have worked on (and still do):

- The world’s ‘most international media corporation’
- A Top 20 Dax-listed medical company
- A Top 10 German advertising agency
- Germany’s leading B2B advertising agency
- A top international coffee company
- A top international chemical company
- A top international industrial robot company
- A top European power company

But rather than have us talk about clients, here’s what some of them
have said about us:

"In the last meeting, the client praised the quality of the English copy – which was also one of the reasons we beat the other agencies in the pitch. We promote English advertising as one of our own services, as we’ve also got in-house native speakers (not always available…), but in reality all the credit goes to you.”
[Top 10 German advertising agency – original in German here]

“To I’d like to thank you for the outstanding work. We’re delighted with how quickly it went. This is an excellent opportunity to forge a long-term partnership so we hope you enjoyed this joint project as much as we did.”
[German full-service advertising agency, original here]

“The ideas you came up with for the slogans were so good, we’ve adapted two of them back into German!”
[German medium-sized enterprise, B2B, original here]

“I’ve got so many localisation projects in my in-tray for global campaigns, and some of them are a complete disaster, despite the whole host of translators and writers we use. Who wrote this English copy?! We really must get him/her to write our emails, etc!”
[Leading international IT company, original here]